Other projects

Mini Robotic Arm

built at age of 16

Mini programmable robotic arm, with 5 degrees of freedom, able to reproduce hand determined positions and routines. Servo controlled by an Arduino nano. Range of 38 cm and an accuracy of 1.0 mm.

Residential Automation:

built at age of 14/15

  • Hardware and software for mobile and remote control of: lamps, stereos, television.
  • Modular and portable beam alarm for camps and temporary environment monitoring.
  • Bath timer alarm to reduce water waste.
  • light switch with clap hands (own circuit design without any microcontroller)

Camouflaged Safe

built at age of 16

Common wooden case (5 mm thick) with servo controlled lock and hidden keypad based on capacitive touch sensing. Detects a certain pattern of touch on external surfaces and if right, drives the servo motor and allows access to the content.

Pulse meter

built at age of 14

Infrared reflection heart rate sensor for heart rate control and arrhythmia detection.

Stirling Engine

built at age of 15

The aim of the project was to teach school physics trainees on how to design and build a transparent Stirling engine for didactic purposes.

Didactic Pinball Kit

built at 14 years old

Objective: Creation of a didactic kit to encourage kids to learn electronics and woodwork basic principles.

Description: Customizable pinball mounting kit with electronic scoring system.