Nacional Robotics Olimpiad OBR

Time frames: 5 months (May - September 2015) / 7 months (march - september 2016)


Develop an autonomous Arduino-controlled robot, with dimensions smaller than 25x25x25 cm, capable of: follow a broken path; make route decisions based on color signals; dodge obstacles; locate and rescue 5mm diameter spheres.

My contribution:


  • Managed the research and development process in the areas of computing, electronics and mechanics.
  • Led a team of four team mates during the development period of both competitions (team technical training, deadline management, sponsorship and project promotion)


  • In both years the robots met the requirements.
  • In 2016, we held the 1st position (among 40 teams) in the state of São Paulo competition stage.
  • In 2015 and 2016 we received the award for best private school team in the state of São Paulo.
  • The team represented the state of São Paulo in Uberlândia (2015) and Recife (2016)

I invite you to check the full report